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Giant Pandas

Biology and Conservation

Don Lindburg (Editor), Karen Baragona (Editor), George B. Schaller (Foreword)

Available worldwide

Hardcover, 323 pages
ISBN: 9780520238671
August 2004
$74.95, £63.00
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The much-loved giant panda, a secretive denizen of the dense bamboo forests of western China, has become an icon worldwide of progress in conservation and research. This volume, written by an international team of scientists and conservationists including Chinese researchers whose work has not been available in English, tells the promising story of how the giant panda returned from the brink of extinction. The most important sourcebook on giant pandas to date, it is the first book since 1985 to present current panda research and the first to place the species in its biological, ecological, and political contexts. More than a progress report on a highly endangered species, Giant Pandas: Biology and Conservation details the combination of scientific understanding, local commitment, and government involvement that has been brought into play and asks what more needs to be done to ensure the panda's survival.

The book is divided into four parts—Evolutionary History of the Giant Panda, Studies of Giant Panda Biology, Pandas and Their Habitats, and Giant Panda Conservation. It combines the latest findings from the field and the laboratory together with panel and workshop summaries from a recent international conference. Taken together, the chapters highlight how international cooperation has led to better management in the wild and in captivity. The volume also shows how concepts such as buffer zones, links between forest fragments, multiple-use areas, and cooperation with local people who have a stake in the resources—highly relevant concepts for conservation problems around the world—have been key to the panda's survival.
Donald Lindburg, Head of the Office of Giant Panda Conservation at the Zoological Society of San Diego, is editor, with Shirley C. Strum and David Hamburg, of The New Physical Anthropology: Science, Humanism, and Critical Reflection (1999), and editor, with John E. Fa, of Evolution and Ecology of Macaque Societies (1996), among other books. Karen Baragona is Deputy Director, Species Conservation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF-US).
“This sourcebook makes a valuable contribution in making accessible to a non-Chinese audience previously unpublished data and the research of Chinese biologists. It will be a crucial addition to mammalogy, wildlife, and conservation biology bookselves. Highly recommended.”—R.L. Smith Choice
“Now recognised as a national treasure, the Chinese Government began encouraging the collaborative research that underpins any conservation plan. Giant Pandas is the proceedings of a conference in 2000 that reviewed our knowledge of this beautiful, enigmatic beast.”—John Bonner, Science Journalist New Scientist
"The paucity of good works on the giant panda and the plethora of new data recently collected make this volume both important and timely."—Michael Hutchins, American Zoo and Aquarium Association

"The editors are to be congratulated for pulling together an august group of authors, including Chinese researchers, for what promises to be the most important source book for giant pandas in print."—Richard P. Reading, Denver Zoological Foundation

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