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Mexico’s Mandarins

Crafting a Power Elite for the Twenty-First Century

Roderic Camp (Author)

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Paperback, 319 pages
ISBN: 9780520233447
August 2002
$29.95, £25.00
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This groundbreaking study marks the culmination of over twenty years of research by one of this country's most prominent Mexico scholars. Roderic Ai Camp provides a detailed, comprehensive examination of Mexico's power elite—their political power, societal influence, and the crucial yet often overlooked role mentoring plays in their rise to the top. In the course of this book, he traces the careers of approximately four hundred of the country's most notable politicians, military officers, clergy, intellectuals, and capitalists. Thoroughly researched and drawn from in-depth interviews with some of Mexico's most powerful players, Mexico's Mandarins provides insight into the machinations of Mexican leadership and an important glimpse into the country's future as it steps onto the global stage.
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I. Power Elites, Mentoring, and Networking
Chapter 1. Mexican Power Elites: Do They Exist?
Chapter 2. Mentoring Mexico's Power Elite
Chapter 3. Networking within Power Elite Circles
Chapter 4. Networking across Power Elite Circles

II. How Power Elites Are Formed
Chapter 5. Origins of Socialization: Sources among the Power Elite
Chapter 6. Socialization through Education the Mexican Way
Chapter 7. Globalizing Mexico's Power Elite: The Role of Education Abroad
Chapter 8. Socializing Mexico's Power Elite: Educational Experiences Abroad

III. Power Elites, Networking, and Decision Making
Chapter 9. Decision Making, Networking, and Organizations
Chapter 10. Power Elite Prototypes in the Twentieth Century: The Old and the New
Chapter 11. Power Elites in the Twenty-First Century: Consequences of New Leadership

Bibliographic Essay

Roderic Ai Camp is Philip M. McKenna Professor of the Pacific Rim at Claremont McKenna College and author of Politics in Mexico: The Decline of Authoritarianism (1999), Crossing Swords: Religion and Politics in Mexico (1997), and Generals in the Palacio: The Military in Modern Mexico (1992).
"Mexico's Mandarins represents scholarship of superior quality and is virtually unique in the level of information on which it draws. No other scholar could have written this book and no other scholar will ever be able to reproduce it. I suspect that it will become the definitive work on Mexican elites in the twentieth century."—Kathleen Bruhn, author of Mexico: The Struggle for Democratic Development

"After thirty years of studying individual Mexican elites—political, economic, intellectual, military, and religious—Camp brings together the conclusions from all of his previous research in one capstone volume. This unique study offers the first thorough investigation of Mexico's power elites and, for the first time, identifies the essential role played by mentors in the Mexican system of recruiting, promoting, and facilitating the power elites. This is a masterful work that should be read by everyone interested in twentieth century Mexico and those interested in the behavior of power elites."—William H. Beezley, author of The Oxford History of Mexico

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