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The Memory of the Eyes

Pilgrims to Living Saints in Christian Late Antiquity

Georgia Frank (Author)

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Hardcover, 232 pages
ISBN: 9780520222052
May 2000
$63.00, £53.00
Pilgrims in the deserts of Egypt and the holy land during the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. often reported visiting holy people as part of their tours of holy places. This is the first comprehensive study of pilgrimage to these famous ascetics of late antique Christianity. Through an original analysis of pilgrim writings of this period, Georgia Frank discovers a literary imagination at work, one that both recorded and shaped the experience of pilgrimage to living saints. Taking an important new approach to these texts, Frank finds in them a record of the writers’ and readers’ spiritual expectations and uses these fresh insights to add substantially to our understanding of the purposes and practices of pilgrimage.

Frank focuses in particular on two important and well-known early texts—The History of the Monks in Egypt (ca. 400) and Palladius’s The Lausiac History (ca. 420), situating these narratives in their literary, historical, and spiritual contexts. She compares these narratives to exotic travel writing and to tales of otherworldly journeys. Bringing in contemporary theory, she demonstrates the importance of sight as a means of spiritual progress and explores the relation between the function of sight in these narratives and in other expressions of visual piety in late antiquity Christianity, such as the veneration of relics and, eventually, icons.

With its unique focus on the sensory dimensions of pilgrimage—especially visuality—this absorbing book widens our understanding of early Christian pilgrims and those who read their accounts. At the same time, it also sheds new light on the relation between religious experience and the senses, on literary representations of visual experience, and on the literature of pious travel.
Georgia Frank is Assistant Professor of Religion at Colgate University
"While reading this work, I had an experience that I often have in reading something that is both original and convincing. I kept thinking what Frank was saying was obvious--but I also know that no one has said these things before. Readers will welcome this genuinely fresh approach."—David Brakke, author of Athanasius and Asceticism

"A wondrous, adventurous exploration of the pilgrim's activity in Late Antiquity. Focusing on subjective experience rather than objective locations, Georgia Frank presents the literary, cultural and sensory (especially visual) dimensions of pilgrimage with startling freshness and singular insight. In the process we learn to think differently about the encounters of pilgrimage. More than this, we learn to reassess the nature of bodily experience in the ancient understanding. A rich and riveting contribution."—Susan Ashbrook Harvey, coeditor of Holy Women of the Syrian Orient

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