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Systematics of the Chrysoxena Group of Genera (Lepidoptera

Tortricidae: Euliini)

John W. Brown (Author), Jerry A. Powell (Author)

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Paperback, 130 pages
ISBN: 9780520097650
December 1991
$31.95, £25.00
The authors examine relationships within the Chrysoxena group of the tortricid tribe Euliini. They define 54 species among six genera: Chrysoxena Meyrick; Vulpoxena Brown, new genus; Thoridia Brown, new genus; Dorithia Powell; Cuproxena Powell and Brown, new genus; and Bidorpitia Brown, new genus. Using cladistic methods, the authors develop a phylogenetic hypothesis for the genera and species groups of Dorithia and Cuproxena. A systematic treatment of the included species provides appropriate generic assignment for several previously misplaced species and describes many taxa as new.

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