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A Portrait of a Japanese Village

Ronald P. Dore (Author)

Not available in British Common; Available in Canada

Paperback, 332 pages
ISBN: 9780520086289
April 1994
Ronald Dore offers the reader insight into the changing rural life of Japan in this fascinating study of a village some 100 miles from Tokyo where he lived first in 1955 and again in the early 1970s. A new Afterword reports on the acceleration of change to a once self-sufficient community most of whose young men now commute to city jobs instead of working the land. Dore comments on the effects of the 1993 election—Shinohata in a non-LDP-governed Japan.
Ronald Dore is a Fellow of the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex and a Fellow of the British Academy. Among his many books is British Factory/Japanese Factory (California, updated edition 1990).
"This book presents a marvelously intimate view into the flood of little changes that lie behind the great transformations that have swept Japan in recent times. . . . It makes enlightening, fascinating, and often amusing reading for the casual reader as for the specialist."—Edwin O. Reischauer

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