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Chinese Families in the Post-Mao Era

Deborah Davis (Editor), Stevan Harrell (Editor)

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Paperback, 400 pages
ISBN: 9780520082229
October 1993
$39.95, £30.00
How have the momentous policy shifts that followed the death of Mao Zedong changed families in China? What are the effects of the decollectivization of agriculture, the encouragement of limited private enterprise, and the world's strictest birth-control policy? Eleven sociologists and anthropologists explore these and other questions in this path-breaking volume. The essays concern both urban and rural communities and range from intellectual to working-class families. They show that there is no single trend in Chinese family organization today, but rather a mosaic of forms and strategies that must be seen in the light of particular local conditions.
Introduction: The Impact of Post-Mao Reforms on Family Life, Deborah Davis and Stevan Harrell
Urban Families in the Eighties: An Analysis of Chinese Surveys, Jonathan Unger
Urban Households: Supplicants to a Socialist State, Deborah Davis
Geography, Demography, and Family Composition in Three Southwestern Villages, Stevan Harrell
Family Strategies and EconomicTransformation in Rural China: Some Evidence from the Pearl River Delta, Graham E. Johnson
Family Strategies and Structures in Rural North China, Mark Selden
Reconstituting Dowry and Brideprice in South China, Helen F. Siu
Wedding Behavior and Family Strategies in Chengdu, Martin King Whyte
The Peasantization of the One-Child Policy in Shaanxi, Susan Greenhalgh
Cultural Support for Birth Limitation among Urban Capital-owning Women, Hill Gates
Strategies Used by Chinese Families Coping with Schizophrenia, Michael R. Phillips
Settling Accounts: The Intergenerational Contract in an Age of Reform, Charlotte Ikels
Deborah Davis is Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at Yale University. Stevan Harrell is Professor of Anthropology and director of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program at the University of Washington.

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