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Heritage of China

Contemporary Perspectives on Chinese Civilization

Paul S. Ropp (Editor)

Available worldwide

Paperback, 392 pages
ISBN: 9780520064416
May 1990
$36.95, £31.00
The thirteen essays in this volume, all by experts in the field of Chinese studies, reflect the diversity of approaches scholars follow in the study of China's past. Together they reveal the depth and vitality of Chinese civilization and demonstrate how an understanding of traditional China can enrich and broaden our own contemporary worldview.
1. Western Perceptions of China from the Late Sixteenth Century to the Present, Jonathan Spence
2. Early Civilization in China: Reflections on How it Became Chinese, David. N. Keightley
3. The Evolution of Government in China, Jack L. Dull
4. Sage Kings and Laws in the Chinese and Greek Traditions, Karen Turner
5. The Confucian Tradition in Chinese History, Tu Wei-ming
6. Religious Traditions in Chinese Civilization, T. H. Barrett
7. Science and Medicine in Chinese History, Nathan Sivin
8. Women, Marriage and the Family in Chinese History, Patricia Ebrey
9. Chinese Economic History in Comparative Perspective, Albert Feuerwerker
10. Modern Chinese Social History in Comparative Perspective, William T. Rowe
11. Chinese Art and its Impact on the West, Michael Sullivan
12. Poetry in the Chinese Tradition, Stephen Owen
13. The Distinctive Art of Chinese Fiction, Paul S. Ropp
Paul S. Ropp is Associate Professor of History at Clark University.

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