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Argentina, 1516-1987

From Spanish Colonization to Alphonsín. (Updated)

David Rock (Author)

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Paperback, 576 pages
ISBN: 9780520061781
November 1987
In this comprehensive history, updated to include the climactic events of the five years since the Falklands War, Professor Rock documents the early colonial history of Argentina, pointing to the colonial forms established during the Spanish conquest as the source for Argentina's continued reliance on foreign commercial and investment partnerships. The collapse of Argentina's close western European ties after World War II is thus seen as the underlying cause for her current economic and political crisis.
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I. The Spanish Settlements, 1516-1680
II. The Rise of Buenos Aires, 1680-1810
III. Revolution and Dictatorship, 1810-1852
IV. The Formation of the Nation-State, 1852-1890
V. Four Seasons of Democracy, 1890-1930
VI. From Oligarchy to Populism, 1930-1946
VII. The Apogee of Perón, 1946-1955
VIII. A Nation in Deadlock, 1955-1976
IX. The New Autocracy and the New Democracy, 1976-1987

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David Rock is Professor of History at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His Politics of Argentina, 1890-1930 won the 1976 Herbert E. Bolton Prize for Latin American history. He is author of Authoritarian Argentina (1993) and editor of Latin America in the Nineteen Forties (1994), both available from the University of California Press.