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Letters From Prison and Other Essays

Adam Michnik (Author), Maya Latynski (Translator), Czeslaw Milosz (Foreword), Jonathan Schell (Introduction)

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Paperback, 371 pages
ISBN: 9780520061750
August 1986
$33.95, £27.95
Among the voices that speak to us from Poland today, the most important may be that of Adam Michnik.  Michnik now sits in a jail belonging to the totalitarian regime, yet his first concern--and herein lies one of the keys to his thinking, and one should add, to his character--is with the quality of his own conduct, which, together with teh conduct of other victims of the present situation, will, he is sure, one day set the tone for whatever political system follows the totalitarian debacle. His essays are the most valuable guide we have to the origins of the revolution, and, more particularly, to its innovative practices. 
Adam Michnik is a historian, essayist, former dissident, public intellectual, and the editor-in-chief of Poland's largest newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.
"Michnik is an original, strong voice, and the fierce eloquence of his prose comes across in this translation."--Publishers Weekly "This former Wunderkind of KOR, now just 40, is at his liveliest and most penetrating in this selection of historical and policial essays from the past decade."--Martin Malia, Los Angeles Times Book Review "Adam Michnik's eloquent plea for democratic values represents a lesson to us all."--William Echikson, Christian Science Monitor

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