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Chinese Democracy

Andrew J. Nathan (Author)

Not available in British Common; Available in Canada

Paperback, 313 pages
ISBN: 9780520059337
October 1986
What do the Chinese mean when they say that their political systems is "democratic"? With recent improvements in relations between China and the West, this question is basic to an understanding of the Chinese people in their state. In Chinese Democracy, Andrew Nathan investigates in depth the nature and meaning of "democracy" in China today, beginning with a vivid history of the short-lived Democracy Movement of 1978-1981, when groups of young people in a number of Chinese cities started issuing outspoken publications and putting up posters detailing their complaints and opinions. Nathan constructs--for the first time--a poignant picture of this burst of liberal activity, and at the same time he shows how distinctly Chinese it was and how the roots of its failure lay as much in history as in current political necessity. readers of this book will gain a new perspective on the nature of democracy as the Chinese practice it.
Andrew J. Nathan is a professor of political science at Columbia University. He specializes in Chinese politics, foreign policy, human rights and political culture.
"Everyone interested in contemporary China attempts, in some fashion or other, to form judgments about the pressures for--and limits to--change in the political system in China. Nathan's book is by far the best analysis I have seen of the subject. By viewing recent developments in historical perspective, he analyzes democracy in China with a combination of idealism and realism that is impressive."--A. Doak Barnett, Johns Hopkins University "Admirable. . . . [Nathan] synthesize our current knowledge of the Democracy Movement in China, and [relates] its tribulations to parallel initiatives eighty years ago at the close of China's last dynasty."--Jonathan Spence, Yale University

Joseph Levenson Prize, for a book on twentieth-century China, Association for Asian Studies

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