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The Prince and the Pauper

Mark Twain (Author), Victor Fischer (Editor), Frank T. Merrill (Illustrator), John J. Harley (Illustrator), L. S. Ipsen (Illustrator)

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Hardcover, 341 pages
ISBN: 9780520050884
December 1983
$52.95, £45.00
"What am I writing? A historical tale of 300 years ago, simply for the love of it." Mark Twain's tale, in which a sixteenth-century English prince and the pauper boy that looks just like him are forced to changed places, has become a classic of American literature. Published in 1881, Mark Twain called the book "a tale for young people of all ages," and his thirteen-year-old daughter, Susy Clemens, called it "unquestionably the best book he has ever written."  Foreword and notes by Victor Fischer and Michael B. Frank, text established by Victor Fischer. Original illustrations by Frank T. Merrill, John Harley, and L.S. Ipsen.
"Each additional volume reaffirms our faith and celebration in this splendid series."--Nineteenth-Century Fiction

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