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The Research Universities and Their Patrons

Robert M. Rosenzweig (Author), Barbara Turlington (Author)

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Hardcover, 168 pages
ISBN: 9780520046641
April 1982
$47.95, £40.00
America's research universities--some fifty leading intellectual centers--have assumed a unique set of responsibilities. In addition to educating undergraduates, they house most of the nation's basic research and train virtually all new scientists and scholars. The health of these institutions is critical to the nation's intellectual life as well as to its economic well-being, military posture, and foreign policy. Robert Rosenzweig, reporting on a project sponsored by the Association of American Universities, examines the core functions of the research universities and explores how they might best relate to their powerful patrons: the national government, foundations, business, and industry.
Robert M. Rosenzweig is Vice President for Public Affairs at Stanford University. Barbara Turlington has served as dean of Hampshire College and is a former staff member of the Association of American Universities.
"Relationships between research universities and their patrons need early and cooperatively planned improvement. Rosenzweig and Turlington offer one set of thoughtful recommendations toward this end. University faculty and administrators wil find this book a concise review of some problems with thich they are all too familiar and a stimulating basis for discussion of how matters might be improved. Government and industrial leaders who are less familiar with university problems will find it a well-organized and informative account of the current state of problems with which they should become more familiar. It is a good book to give to your congressperson or to an industrial leader." Review by: Dael WolfleThe Journal of Higher Education, Ohio State University PressVol. 54, No. 6 (Nov. - Dec., 1983), pp. 709-711

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