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Great Planning Disasters

With a new introduction

Peter Hall (Author)

Not available in British Commonwealth

Paperback, 329 pages
ISBN: 9780520046078
March 1982
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In this "pathology of planning," Peter Hall briskly recounts the histories of five great planning disasters and two near-disasters and analyzes the decisions of the professional bureaucrats, community activists, and politicians involved in the planning process. He draws on an eclectic body of theory from political science, economics, ethics, and long-range future forecasting to suggest ways to forestall such grand mistakes in the future. For this edition, Hall has added a special introduction in which he reflects further on the sequels to these cautionary tales and on the moral planners and citizens should draw from them.
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Introduction to the American Edition

1. Overview

2. London's Third Airport
3. London's Motorways
4. THe Anglo-French Concorde
5. San Francisco's BART System
6. Sydney's Opera House
7. Two Near-Disasters: California's New Campuses and Britain's National Library

8. Approaching the Problem
9. The Actors: (1) The Community
10. The Actors: (2) The Bureaucracy
11. The Actors: (3) The Politicians
12. The Actors in Concert
13. Towards Perscription

"Wide-ranging, significant, and readable...It will earn respect in non-academics as well as academic circles. A first-rate job."—Lloyd Rodwin

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