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Renaissance Rome 1500-1559

A Portrait of a Society

Peter Partner (Author)

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Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN: 9780520039452
February 1980
$31.95, £25.00
"Peter Partner is an established scholar, qualified by his research on The Papal State Under Martin Vand The Lands of St. Peterto write this general book on Renaissance Rome. The titles of the chapters of the book are tantalizing, and they indicate the breadth of issues under review: politics, economics, population, "noble life" and "daily life", and, finally, "the spirit of a city and the spirit of an age." No similar, recent study exists for Rome, and Partner's book responds to a genuine need. The book is written with wit and good style, and it contains a great deal of information . . . "--John W. O'Malley, University of Detroit, Canadian Journal of History, 13(1), pp. 115 - 116.
Dates and Family Names of Renaissance Popes

Introduction: The Renaissance Popes and Their See
I. Rome and Papal Policy, 1513-1559
II. The Economic Basis of Roman Life
III. The Roman People
IV. The Roman Court and the Papal Palace
V. The Noble Life
VI. The Face of Rome
VII. The Spirit of a City and the Spirit of an Age

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Peter Partner, Ph.D. is the author of several books and articles on medieval and Renaissance history. He has worked as a journalist in Italy, the Middle East, and North Africa, and has taught at Winchester College (England) since 1955.

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