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Black Power in South Africa

The Evolution of an Ideology

Gail M. Gerhart (Author)

Not available in South Africa

Paperback, 380 pages
ISBN: 9780520039339
October 1979
$33.95, £28.00
"This book, better than any I have seen, provides an understanding of the politics and ideology of orthodox African nationalism, or Black Power, in South Africa since World War II. . . . from the Youth League of the African Student National Congress (ANC) of the late 1940s to the South African Student Organization (SASO) and the Black Consciousness Movement of the 1970s."—Perspective

"Clarifies some of the main issues that have divided the black leadership and rescues the work of some pioneering nationalist theorists. . . . It's an absorbing piece of history."—New York Times

"Informative and well-researched. . . . She ably explores the nuances of the two main movements until 1960 and explains why blacks were so receptive to black consciousness in the late Sixties."—New York Review
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