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The Identities of Persons

Amélie Oksenberg Rorty (Editor)

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Paperback, 340 pages
ISBN: 9780520033092
November 1976
$33.95, £28.00
In this volume, thirteen philosophers contribute new essays analyzing the criteria for personal identity and their import on ethics and the theory of action: it presents contemporary treatments of the issues discussed in Personal Identity, edited by John Perry (University of California Press, 1975)
Introduction, by Amélie O. Rorty
1. Survival and Identity, by David Lewis
2. Survival, by Georges Ray
3. The Importance of Being Identical, by John Perry
4. Lewis, Perry, and What Matters, by Derek Parfit
5. Embodiment and Behavior, by Sydney Shoemaker
6. Lock, Butler, and the Stream of Consciousness: And Men as Natural Kind, by David Wiggins
7. Conditions of Personhood, by Daniel Dennett
8. Persons, Character, and Morality by Bernard Williams
9. Rational Homunculi, by Ronald de Sousa
10. Identification and Externality, by Harry Frankfurt
11. Self-Identity and Self-Regard, by Terence Penelhum
12. Responsibility for Self, by Charles Taylor
A Literary Postscript: Characters, Persons, Selves, Individuals, by Amélie O. Rorty

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