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American Piety

The Nature of Religious Commitment

Rodney Stark (Author), Charles Y. Glock (Author)

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Paperback, 246 pages
ISBN: 9780520017566
September 1970
$31.95, £27.00
How religious are Americans these days? How many still believe in God, in Biblical miracles, in heaven and hell? Do people pray? How much money is being given to churches, by Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and other groups? American Piety, the first of a three-volume study of religious commitment, answers these and a host of other questions about the contemporary religious scene. Particularly startling are the contrasts in beliefs, practices, and experiences revealed among the eleven major Christian denominations whose membership is compared.
Rodney William Stark is Co-Director, Institute for Studies of Religion, Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University. Charles Y. Glock was professor of sociology at University of California at Berkeley, California.
"The first installment of the finished product suggests that it will constitute the most impressive and exhaustive study of empirical material on American religious behavior yet to be compiled."--American Journal of Sociology "The book is well worth its price ... should prove exciting and stimulating to sociologists of religion and religious leaders as well ... deserves careful reading by both laymen and clergy . . . the discussion is non-technical and very readable."--Lutheran Forum "This is an important book."--American Sociological Review "This book will be a landmark for the sociology of religion."--Social Forces "Will fascinate and trouble theologians . . . a major addition to our knowledge of religion in America."--Encounter

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