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Early Uses of California Plants

Edward K. Balls (Author)

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Paperback, 96 pages
ISBN: 9780520000728
October 1962
$17.95, £15.00
Information from many sources has been compiled here to present the most important uses of plants by early inhabitants of California, as well as methods of preparing the plants for use. The Indian method of leaching acorn meal so it could be eaten, the medicinal value of Yerba Mansa, the use of other plants for making baskets, rope, and clothing, are some of the subjects treated.
A note to the reader

1. Food Plants
2. Drink Plants
3. Fibers and Basketry Plants
4. Medicinal Plants
5. Soap and Fish Poison Plants
6. Dye, Gum, and Tobacco Plants
7. Present-Day Uses of Some California Plants

Checklist-Index of Common and Scientific Names

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