Washington Monthly bannerHow’s Europe doing? Good question. Steven Hill’s got your answers at Washington Monthly, where he’ll be blogging about his speaking tour through Europe over the next five weeks. Hill, the author of Europe’s Promise: Why the European Way Is the Best Hope in an Insecure Age, will visit 12 nations and 20 cities across the continent, offering candid, insightful commentary along the way. His aim is to cover a variety of European perspectives on the economic crisis—from those of political elites to average citizens—and ultimately answer the question: Is the highly vaunted European social capitalism, which provides so well for families and workers, in danger of erosion?

Hill will give presentations to the European Commission and a host of think tanks and NGOs, observe national elections in Vienna and Stockholm, and spend considerable time in Greece, whose economy has been threatened by the recent sovereign debt crisis. Follow along on his blog at Washington Monthly, and find out more about the project on Hill’s website, www.europespromise.org.