Sociology in the 21st Century

This series introduces students to a range of sociological issues of broad interest in the United States today with each volume addressing topics like race, immigration, gender, the family, education, and social inequality. Each work will be organized with a similar structure and approach:

  • introduction to topic's importance in contemporary society
  • overview of conceptual issues
  • review of empirical research including demographic data
  • cross-national comparisons
  • discussion of policy debates

While these course books will highlight findings from current, rigorous research, they will all include stories about people’s experiences to illustrate major themes in an accessible manner. The similarity in approach across the series will allow instructors to assign them as a featured or supplementary book in various courses.

Editor, John Iceland, Dept. of Sociology, Pennsylvania State University

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A Portrait of America: The Demographic Perspective

John Iceland
Sociology in the 21st Century, 1
$32.95, £24.95 Paperback
September 2014
$85.00, £62.95 Hardcover
September 2014