UC Press Foundation

Members and Donors Make all the Difference

The UC Press Foundation is solely dedicated to supporting the work of University of California Press. Sales revenue and university subsidy are not sufficient to cover UC Press's annual expenses, let alone to fund new initiatives. Private giving from generous individuals and foundations fills the critical gap.

Contributions raised by the UC Press Foundation enable UC Press to:

  • Discover, develop, and disseminate influential ideas and scholarship to growing audiences.
  • Sustain its commitment to intellectual integrity and publishing of the highest caliber.
  • Embark on new and expanded initiatives such as digital publishing.

Most of the new titles UC Press publishes each year benefit from subsidy.

  • Membership gifts are used wherever funds are needed most in the current year.
  • Book sponsorships support development and production costs such as editing, illustrations, permissions, design, manufacturing, and special marketing.
  • Program and operating grants provide multi-year support for the planning and launch of strategic initiatives.
  • Endowment funds support UC Press programs in perpetuity.

For more information, browse our web site or contact UC Press Foundation at (510) 883-8232.

Board of Trustees

Stephen A. Arditti
Elizabeth Birka-White
Richard Damm
Michelle Lee Flores
Sukey Garcetti, Emerita
Harriett Gold, Emerita
Todor Grigorov, Ex Officio
Gary K. Hart
David Hayes-Bautista
May Hu, Ex Officio
Patricia Klaus
Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach
Judith Kafka Maxwell, Chair
Jack Miles, Emeritus
Alison Mudditt, Ex Officio
James Naify
William Nolan
Richard C. Otter, Emeritus
Barbara Z. Otto
Martin Paley, Emeritus
Lucinda K. Reinold
Robert C. Ritchie
Loren R. Rothschild, Emeritus
Lisa See, Emerita
Stephen M. Silberstein
Peter Stern
Judith Timken, Emerita
Anna Weidman, Emerita
Howard Welinsky
Thomas J. White
Lynne Withey