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Race and Ethnicity in America

John Iceland (Author)

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February, 2017.
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Race and Ethnicity in America succinctly examines patterns and trends in inequality over the past 60 years for different racial groups, focusing on education, income, poverty, wealth, residential attainment, and health outcomes. Do human capital differences explain black-white inequality, or are other factors more important? Are we seeing patterns consistent with assimilation among Hispanics and Asians? This book analyzes the causes for disadvantage and how they vary for each group, spanning a legacy of racism, current discrimination, the unfolding process of immigrant incorporation, and cultural responses to disadvantage. Conversations about race can quickly devolve into aggressive and defensive discussions about culpability. But understanding racial concerns is critical to understanding American history and America today.
John Iceland is Professor and Department Head of of Sociology and Criminology at Penn State University.
“This unique text provides the reader with uncommon rigor and a dispassionate evaluation of both the change and stagnation concerning an area of American life that is fraught with passionately held conflicting points of view.” —Richard Alba, author of The Challenges of Integration in North America and Western Europe
“Many textbooks in this field are superficial. They ignore relevant social scientific research in order to pander to ideological fads that revel in bombastic generalizations. By contrast, Iceland’s Race and Ethnicity in America judiciously analyzes an impressive array of scholarly studies in order to present a more complete and honest appraisal. Anyone seeking to have a truly serious conversation about race in contemporary America needs to start with this book.” —Arthur Sakamoto, Professor of Sociology, Texas A&M University
“John Iceland’s Race and Ethnicity in America is a wonderfully thorough and broad examination of both theories about and demographic trends in race and ethnicity in the United States, providing along the way insightful analyses of how immigration, together with shifts in the definition and meaning of concepts of race and ethnicity, has helped both to reduce and to exacerbate racial and ethnic inequalities. This impressive synthesis constitutes must-reading for both beginning students and accomplished scholars alike.”—Frank D. Bean, Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Research on International Migration, University of California, Irvine

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