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Washington Wines and Wineries

The Essential Guide

Paul Gregutt (Author)

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ISBN: 9780520933156

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During the thirty-five years wine critic and writer Paul Gregutt has lived in the state of Washington, its wine industry has ballooned from a mere half dozen wineries to nearly five hundred. Washington Wines and Wineries offers a comprehensive, critical, and accessible account of the nation's second largest wine-producing region. Gregutt, who has covered Washington wine in books, newspapers, and magazines since the mid-1980s, enthusiastically dispenses information along with his editorial opinion, displaying the depth of his knowledge of the area, the players, the regions, and the wines. He points out the best vineyards, the most accomplished winemakers, the must-have wines, and the newcomers to watch. He rates wineries—not wines—with a unique and detailed 100-point scale, providing an insider's view of the best that Washington state has to offer. As the global wine industry reinvents itself for twenty-first-century palates, Washington is poised to become as important and influential as California on the world stage. Washington Wines and Wineries is the definitive reference book on the subject.
Paul Gregutt has covered Washington State’s wine industry since the mid-1980s. He is the wine columnist for the Seattle Times and other Blethen newspapers in Washington, a contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast magazine, and writes the Pacific Northwest section of Tom Stevenson’s annual Wine Report. He is also the author of Northwest Wines: A Pocket Guide to the Wines of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
“A superb book. . . . For those wishing to explore Washington wines in greater depth.”—The Wine Advocate
Approachable enough for the beginning wine enthusiast and rich enough in detail, history, and opinion to please the most avid and knowledgeable wine devotee.—Northwest Palate Magazine
The most comprehensive and authoritative book on Washington wines. Paul has a lively style that makes the story of Washington wine country come alive.—Nat Decants
“A refreshingly unpedantic way to keep track of all those wines now appearing in stores.”—Eric Asimov New York Times
For those who want to gain an education on the country’s second largest wine region (as well as become infected by the author’s enthusiasm for it), this is a seminal book. There is nothing else available today that explains from a local expert’s point of view just why American wine buyers should look beyond California for great wine.—Vinography
A valuable resource for buying Washington wines and a great read about the visionaries who saw potential in the desert east of the Cascades.—Sunset Magazine
“Offers insights into those who make the wines that make the difference. This is as valuable and essential to comprehending our wine region as any other information. . . . The book's advice about the region's wine is worth heeding.”—Seattle Post-Intelligencer
“A refreshingly unpedantic way to keep track of all those wines now appearing in stores.”—Eric Asimov International Herald Tribune
“Pulls no punches in recommending top bottlings based on overall vintage history, as well as profiling the vineyards that offer the most consistent quality. Fascinating history and profiles of leading winemakers put a human face on this productive, and promising, region.”—Wine Enthusiast
“Offers educated insights--details about the state’s wine-growing regions, a rundown of the grape varieties grown here and mini-profiles of more than 100 wineries.”—Seattle Times
“A snapshot of this region on the move.”—Wine & Spirits Magazine
“Read this book for its focus on the vineyards, grapes and important producers of this burgeoning wine region. With the number of existing wineries, counted in the dozens only a decade ago, having passed 500 last year, Washington is going to be more significant with each succeeding vintage. This make a handy reference.”—Wine Spectator
“Gregutt excels where others have not. . . . Now the book of record for the Washington wine scene.”—The Wine News
“It's as good a guide to the subject as can be found in print. I urge you to get a copy and drink it in. . . . Very useful, and very right on in its details.”—The Rosengarten Report
"Unquestionably the most comprehensive book on the topic, Washington Wines and Wineries is a new benchmark in learning about this exciting wine region."—Evan Goldstein, author of Perfect Pairings

"I never miss a chance for lunch or a tasting with Paul Gregutt. He is an eclectic student of wine and an astute taster who never takes himself too seriously. But his Washington Wines & Wineries is a serious publication. The number of Washington wineries has exploded since the turn of the millennium. There are several important new AVAs. Many wonderful wines are being made. So there was an urgent need for this splendid new guide, written with passion and authority. No one who loves Washington wines--in fact, no one serious about wine--should fail to get a copy."—Oz Clarke

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