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How Light Tells Us About the World

Tom Cornsweet (Author)

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Unjacketed Hardcover, 200 pages
ISBN: 9780520294646
September 2017
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Written by one of the pioneers in visual perception, Seeing provides an overview of the basics of sight, from the anatomy of the eye, to optical illusions, to the way neural systems process visual signs. To better appreciate the most-used of our five senses, the book attempts to describe the early physical and physiological processes that occur in human vision in relation to the forces of evolution. Presented in a fashion that provides a foundational understanding of visual processes, it also includes answers to commonly asked questions about vision—including those that many of us consider during a visit to an eye doctor—, illustrating how the study of vision provides a better understanding of one’s everyday relationship with sight.

Tom Cornsweet is Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Ophthalmology from the University of California, Irvine and Berkeley. He is an experimental psychologist, author, and inventor known for his pioneering work in visual perception, known as the Cornsweet Illusion
“One of the things I like about his writing style is that I often felt that I was on a sort of journey with him. In other words, rather than feeling that I was being 'lectured' to about the correct answers to questions, I felt that Cornsweet was guiding me through the complexities and challenges of understanding vision.” --David Kreiner, Professor of Psychology, University of Central Missouri
“Cornsweet explains very complex concepts in a manner that is relatively easy to understand. He builds great analogies for the intricate processes of seeing!” --Laura Edelman, Professor of Psychology, Muhlenberg College

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