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Treatise on Musical Objects

An Essay across Disciplines

Pierre Schaeffer (Author), Christine North (Translator), John Dack (Translator)

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Paperback, 624 pages
ISBN: 9780520294301
July 2017
$45.00, £37.95
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The “Treatise on Musical Objects” by Pierre Schaeffer is regarded as his most important work on music and its relationship with technology. Schaeffer refers to his earlier research in musique concrète and expands this to suggest a methodology of working with sounds resulting from the recording process. Drawing on acoustics, physics, and physiology, but also philosophy and the relationship between subject and object, Schaeffer’s book summarizes his theoretical and practical work in music composition. North and Dack present an important book in the history of ideas in Europe that will resonate far beyond electroacoustic music.
Composer, writer, electronic engineer, administrator Pierre Schaeffer (1910–1995) was the inventor of musique concrète created by combining and manipulating recorded sounds (rather than being played on conventional musical instruments).
Christine North studied French at Oxford University and subsequently became a Senior Lecturer in French at Middlesex University before working currently as a translator of French poetry and academic texts.
John Dack is Senior Lecturer in Music and Technology. He works at the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries and the Faculty of Science and Technology, Middlesex University, London, UK.

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