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A Global History of Sexual Science, 1880–1960

Veronika Fuechtner (Editor), Douglas E. Haynes (Editor), Ryan M. Jones (Editor)

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Unjacketed Hardcover, 424 pages
ISBN: 9780520293373
November 2017
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Sex is central to the history of humankind. Yet it was during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries that people all over the world began to insist that understandings of sex must be based on science. As Japanese and Indian sexologists influenced German and Americans and vice versa, these global conversations became crucial for understanding how sexuality and modernity became intimately linked. The first anthology to provide a global perspective on the birth and development of the field, Global History of Sexual Science contends that European sexual science was established on the basis that actors outside of Europe—in Asia, Latin America, and Africa—became important interlocutors in a globalizing field where emergent ideas were circulated through intellectual exchange, travel, and internationally produced and disseminated publications. Twenty scholars tackle specific issues, such as prostitution or the criminalization of male homosexuality, to demonstrate how concepts and ideas introduced by sexual scientists gained currency around the modern world.
Veronika Fuechtner is Associate Professor of German at Dartmouth College and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the Geisel School of Medicine. She is the author of Berlin Psychoanalytic and coeditor of Imagining Germany Imagining Asia.

Douglas E. Haynes is Professor of History at Dartmouth College. He is author of Rhetoric and Ritual in Colonial India and Small-Town Capitalism in Western India and coeditor of Contesting Power and Towards a History of Consumption in South Asia.
Ryan M. Jones is Assistant Professor of History at SUNY Geneseo and the author of  a monograph on Mexican sexuality entitled Erotic RevolutionsHomosexuality, Masculinity, and Citizenship in Mexico, 1880-1965.

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