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A History of the Western Art Market

A Sourcebook of Writings on Artists, Dealers, and Markets

Titia Hulst (Editor)

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Unjacketed Hardcover, 416 pages
ISBN: 9780520290624
September 2017
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This is the first sourcebook to trace the emergence and evolution of art markets in the Western European economy, framing them within the larger narrative of the ascendancy of capitalist markets. Selected writings from across academic disciplines present compelling evidence of art’s inherent commercial dimension and show how artists, dealers, and collectors have interacted over time, from the city-states of Quattrocento Italy to the high-stakes markets of postmillennial New York and Beijing. This approach casts a startling new light on the traditional concerns of art history and aesthetics, revealing much that is provocative, profound, and occasionally even comic. This volume’s unique historical perspective makes it appropriate for use in college courses and postgraduate and professional programs, as well as for professionals working in art-related environments such as museums, galleries, and auction houses.
Titia Hulst is a modern and contemporary art historian. She holds a PhD from the Institute of Fine Arts and an MBA from New York University. In addition, she teaches art history at Purchase College in New York.
"Hulst’s first-of-its-kind treatment delineates an elusive and impenetrable subject—the art market. These precisely selected essays by leading art historians, philosophers, sociologists, and economists collectively offer a point of view regarding the operation, structure, and disposition of art markets even as they provide a splendid overview of historical patterns over five centuries."—Adam D. Weinberg, Alice Pratt Brown Director, Whitney Museum of American Art

“This is an important anthology and one that will allow great flexibility and breadth in how it can be used in classrooms. It will also be a very useful introduction to the field for scholars who would like to understand the market as an aid to their own research.”—Pamela Fletcher, Professor of Art History, Bowdoin College

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