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The Face of East European Jewry

Arnold Zweig (Author), Noah Isenberg (Editor), Hermann Struck (Illustrator)

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Hardcover, 186 pages
ISBN: 9780520215122
May 2004
$85.00, £59.00
A landmark work in the sphere of modern German-Jewish cultural life, The Face of East European Jewry is also a window on a lost world. First published in 1920 and never before translated into English, this work brings together the impassioned writing of one of Weimar Germany's most celebrated authors, Arnold Zweig, and the equally poignant illustrations by renowned graphic artist and lithographer Hermann Struck.

As members of the German wartime press division at Ober-Ost, both Zweig and Struck spent the final years of the First World War on the eastern front, on the outskirts of the Lithuanian city of Kovno (Kaunas). There they observed the life of the so-called Ostjuden, or East European Jews. Reflecting the rise of Zionism and the experience of the war, The Face of East European Jewry offers a dramatic and moving perspective on the short-lived romance of disenchanted Western Jews with the idea of a more authentic, more meaningful lifestyle in the East.
Preface to the English Edition
Preface to the Second Edition (1922)
Preface to the First Edition (1920)

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Arnold Zweig (1887-1968) was a novelist, critic, and writer on Jewish and cultural themes. He emigrated to Palestine in 1933 but returned to East Berlin in 1948. Hermann Struck (1876-1944) was an artist and printmaker. Noah Isenberg is Chair of Humanities at the New School in New York City. He is the author of Between Redemption and Doom: The Strains of German-Jewish Modernism (1999).

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