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Lawrence Gowing (Author)

Not available in British Comm, Europe; Incl. Canada

Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN: 9780520212763
December 1997
$31.95, £26.95
Lawrence Gowing's classic study has long been treasured for the painterly sensibilities he brought to this greatly loved body of work. Finally the text is available again, with a new foreword and fresh reproductions of Vermeer's paintings.
Lawrence Gowing (1918-1991), art historian, teacher, and painter, was the author of Cézanne: The Early Years, and curator of the landmark exhibition mounted in Paris in 1988. His last books were Cézanne: The Basel Sketchbooks (1988) and Paintings in the Louvre (1994).
"Gowing's text remains the single best sustained piece of critical writing that exists on Vermeer."—Svetlana Alpers

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