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Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years, Volume One

Made for America, 1890-1901

Emma Goldman (Author), Candace Falk (Editor), Barry Pateman (Editor), Jessica M. Moran (Editor), Robert Cohen (Editor), Susan Wengraf (Editor), Leon Litwack (Foreword) & 2 more


Hardcover, 675 pages
ISBN: 9780520086708
April 2003
$68.95, £47.95
Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years redefines the historical memory of Emma Goldman and illuminates a forgotten yet influential facet of the history of American and European radicalism. This definitive multivolume work, which differs significantly from Goldman’s autobiography, presents original texts—a significant group of which are published in or translated into English for the first time—anchored by rigorous contextual annotations. The distillation of years of scholarly research, these volumes include personal correspondence, newspaper articles, government surveillance reports from America and Europe, dramatic court transcripts, unpublished lecture notes, and an array of other rare items and documentation. Biographical, newspaper, and organizational appendixes are complemented by in-depth chronologies that underscore the complexity of Goldman’s political and social milieu.

The first volume, Made for America, 1890–1901, tracks the young Emma Goldman’s introduction into the anarchist movement, features her earliest known writings in the German anarchist press, and charts her gradual emergence from the radical immigrant circles of New York City’s Lower East Side into a political and intellectual culture of both national and international importance. Goldman’s remarkable public ascendance is framed within a volatile period of political violence: within the first few pages, Henry Clay Frick, the anti-union industrialist, is shot by Alexander Berkman, Goldman’s lover; the book ends with the assassination of President William McKinley, an act in which Goldman was falsely implicated. The documents surrounding these events shed light on difficult issues—and spark an important though chilling debate about Goldman’s strategy for reconciling her "beautiful vision" of anarchism and the harsh realities of her times.

The documents articulate the force of Goldman’s rage, tracing the development of her political and social critique as well as her originality and her remarkable ability to synthesize and popularize cutting-edge political and cultural ideas. Goldman appears as a rising luminary in the mainstream press—a voice against hypocrisy and a lightning rod of curiosity, intrigue, and sometimes fear. The volumes include newspaper accounts of the speaking tours across America that eventually established her reputation as one of the most challenging and passionate orators of the twentieth century.

Themes that came to dominate Goldman’s life—anarchism and its possibilities, free speech, education, the transformative power and social significance of literature, the position of labor within the capitalist economic system, the vital importance of women’s freedom, the dynamics of personal relationships, and strategies for a social revolution—are among the many introduced in Made for America.
”These lists situate the contents inside a detailed context, making them almost as comprehensible for contemporary readers as they were when first published.” “The care and devotion dedicated to this project are evident in abundance; for all that the editors deserve our thanks.”—Lawrence Jarach Anarchy: A Journal Of Desire Armed
“This collection is an excellent overview of Goldman’s early years .”—Library Journal
"A vast sourcebook of fascinating newspaper articles, letters, trial transcripts, and speeches... especially instructive in today’s climate of constricted civil liberties."—Utne
“The book definitely shows better than any work previously published, including Goldman’s own autobiography, her splendid achievement during this early decade as an emerging anarchist.”—Forward
“The four-volume series . . . and the larger Emma Goldman Papers microfilm project are good reminders of the importance of her [Goldman’s] inspiring life and are very substantial resources for students and academic scholars alike.”—David Porter Social Anarchism: A Magazine Of Current Writing
“The excellent scholarly introduction provides the critical social and historical context, guiding readers through the complex and turbulent era that made up the earliest part of Goldman's public (and private) life.”—E. Broidy, U. of California - Los Angeles Choice: Current Reviews For Academic Libraries

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