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A Natural History of California

Allan A. Schoenherr (Author)

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Paperback, 772 pages
ISBN: 9780520069220
February 1995
$45.95, £38.95
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In this comprehensive and abundantly illustrated book, Allan Schoenherr describes a state with a greater range of landforms, a greater variety of habitats, and more kinds of plants and animals than any area of equivalent size in all of North America. A Natural History of California will familiarize the reader with the climate, rocks, soil, plants and animals in each distinctive region of the state.
Allan A. Schoenherr, Professor of Ecology at Fullerton College, has written numerous natural history articles. He is also a photographer and has hiked and camped throughout California.
"You want to own this book. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this book is the number of illustrations, most of them photographs taken by the author. This guy knows of what he speaks!"—George M. Clark, California Wilderness Coalition

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